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Empowering Women EVERYDAY

A Modern Workplace Built on Equality 

The modern workplace is not defined by where we work, but rather how we work together. It’s a practice that authentically prioritizes people. It is creating projects that let work integrate with our lives, not dominate them. It’s helping employees advance their skills and careers on their own roadmap, long after their hire dates. It’s providing a space for people to be their authentic selves. And it’s always striving to improve—for our clients, our colleagues, and ourselves.

Bridge Partners is proud to observe Women’s History Month, an event recognized around the world that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. We aim to be a force for positive change and join the call to action for accelerating women leadership and challenging gender biases. We are committed to creating a modern workplace that creates equality, inclusion, and empowerment.

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1 in 3 women are contemplating downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce1

At Bridge Partners, we're taking these steps to impact the future of modern work

Since our founding, Bridge Partners has been a remote workplace, attracting diverse, purpose-driven people who embrace the flexibility of our modern workplace, allowing us to expand to 25+ states and 300 consultants (and counting). A remote workforce means more opportunities for diverse people, roles, and backgrounds.

Implementing Flexibility to Attract Diversity

Acknowledging and Appreciating Women

Bridge Partners invests in all of our people by showing tangible recognition. This includes our “Bridge Bucks” program which enables peer-to-peer recognition with redeemable goods and services and promoting from within. 70% of our leadership roles are filled internally to show our investment in our people.

We believe that performance measures must be evaluated equitably–that’s why all our full-time employees participate in our annual goal setting and review process. The process is 100% employee-driven and ensures self-assessments are measured in an equitable manner, regardless of gender, race, or age.

Measuring Equitably

Investing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Caring, connection, and inclusivity are the unwritten deliverables that fuel everything we do. Teams with shared commitments drive shared success. We host regular diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) events and training. In organizations that value DEI and other causes, employees are happier, less burned out, and less likely to leave their jobs.1

Retaining women in the workplace requires a modern mindset for colleagues to thrive. That means flexible, understanding, and diverse spaces. Research shows that with diverse leadership company performance is almost 50% higher.2 We’re proud that women make up the majority of our workforce here at Bridge Partners.

60% women workforce

50% gender split in leadership

Empowering Women Voices

About Us

Bridge Partners delivers real results for the world’s largest tech and cloud companies—but our work first starts with a commitment to each other and our communities. Our flexible, people-centered modern workplace attracts purpose-driven professionals looking for work that integrates with their lives, while making a recognizable impact for top-tier clients.

As a respected collaborator in the tech industry for 15 years, we win by developing consultants who care—about our work, our clients, our communities, and each other. Whether we're meeting in person or across time zones, people make our workplace. And our workplace helps make our work better.

What Our People Say

Our People Make the Difference

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At Bridge Partners, we deliver excellence for our clients by sustaining our flexible, caring, and modern workplace where our people can be themselves and do their best.

Join us to experience a modern workplace.

Join us to experience a modern workplace

Working in a majority-women company like Bridge Partners feels right at home for me. Our culture is balanced, inclusive, forgiving, and nurturing—all characteristics that breed both happiness and professional success.

Matt Hansink


We believe "Everyone Leads" at Bridge Partners. We are honest with ourselves and others about the volume of work that remains to be done around continued progress toward diversity and inclusion, while we work to build a more sustainable business and future together.

Christine King


As a new employee, I've seen first-hand the care and attention that goes into creating an equitable environment for each person to succeed. It's great to be a part of a modern workplace that truly leads with a people-first mentality.

Marisa Lather


Working in a place that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion fills me with pride to be a part of a community where everyone is valued and authenticity abounds!

Rich Albrecht


I’m honored to be part of this incredible team that fosters a place that enhances how we work and collaborate with one another.  I’m also accountable to this team, to develop and grow as a leader & support our culture.  Challenge accepted!

Rebecca Jones


We live our value of authenticity — this idea that you can show up as your real self, and there is a place for you here. I’ve certainly felt the benefit of that personally, and I think that culture of ‘come as you are’ dovetails naturally into our DEI efforts. 

Todd Erskine



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