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How Sustainability Leaders Integrate Their Strategy & Achieve Progress

Credible and scalable lessons for getting buy-in, managing change, and successfully meeting short- and long-term goals


Sustainability leaders are moving beyond the “why,” to the “how,” and need proven strategies to tackle the toughest challenges of today.

Watch the candid conversation with Chrissa Pagitsas, top-selling author, and former ESG executive at Fannie Mae, on how she and her peers across other globally recognized brands including Iron Mountain, HPE, and Verizon, successfully integrate Sustainability strategies across their companies.
In this webinar Chrissa covers:

  • Key pitfalls to avoid when setting your ESG strategy 
  • Secrets to driving cross-functional alignment and sponsorship all the way up to the board 
  • Engaging stakeholders, including your supply chain, to meet publicly shared targets 

No matter where you and your organization are on your sustainability journey, this live event will offer valuable insights you can apply immediately to your business.


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